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Portakal Yokuşu Cad. Şair Necati Sok. 35/1 Ortaköy-Beşiktaş/İstanbul

creative architecture team

Serdivan Housing Project 01

Program  :  Housing


Location  : Sakarya / Turkey / 2015

Client       : Remley İnşaat


Status      :  Built

Photographs   :  Alp EREN (Altkat Architectural Photography)

Area         :  3.300 m2

Harmony between buildings and the nature is obtained with the use of natural materials, plan typologies and the dynamic facade which made Serdivan Housing Project, with the interior and exterior space hierarchy, to preserve different experiences at each floor level.


Dynamic facade is provided due to changing plan typologies. The dynamics of facade is increased by the placement of different size and spacing of the natural stone on the facade plane.


The internal and external relationship of the buildings is strengthened by placing large openings in the facade which helped users to exprience more enviromental affect. Traditional plan typology is altered with a different kind of hierarchy of kitchen, living space and balconies so it allows for better quality of living experience. A more intimate relationship with environment is developed by creating outdoor terraces created in the ground floor.