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Portakal Yokuşu Cad. Şair Necati Sok. 35/1 Ortaköy-Beşiktaş/İstanbul

creative architecture team

Mondi Office Interior Design 

Program  :  Office Interior


Location  : İstanbul / Turkey / 2016


Team        : Büşra KOÇAK / Ufuk POLAT


Status      :  Concept

Area         :  650 m2

Office space is divided into 3 main parts; offices, common areas and services. Organizing the offices by the facade let more natural light to be used in most used space of the offices. Common areas such as meeting rooms and showrooms are located in between offices. Services such as server room and kitchen are placed in enclosed areas.


Offices are used by multilingual employees which creates an acoustics problem in the open office areas, this led the design to use multi room plan schematics. However due to limited space and the lack of natural light, divided walls are designed transparent, which both offered solution for acoustics and provided visual contact between employees, allowing these spaces to be more roomy.


Cubicles in the offices are organized so that all the employees have a wide view and comfortable workspace. Executive rooms are placed near the entrance and least crowded side of the offices. Only open space offices belonged to graphics department which is more creative side of the company and needed a modifiable space.